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Habonim Dror is a Socialist-Zionist Jewish Youth Movement which, as an integral part of the Israeli Kibbutz Movement, undertakes the mission of taking responsibility for the Jewish people, the Israeli society and the whole world. The founding principle of this movement is that young people educate their peers and that, in working together, they create an organized framework for ideological and educational purposes.

Habonim Dror is a unique and particular movement which has laid a common ground (Judaism, socialism and Zionism) in the 18 countries where it is present nowadays: Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Mexico, United States, Canada, England, Scotland, Israel, Australia, New Zealand, Holland, Sweden, Germany, France, Belgium, Romania and South Africa. Our activities, through Maslul Ishi and Ulpan Kibbutz, also reach dozens of other countries. The movement incorporates the characteristics which are specific to each of these countries but it is still homogenous. We are not a “confederation of movements”, but International Movement.

Our  Tnua  serves  as  guidance  for  the  Jewish  youth  on  the  basis  of Shivyon Erech Ha’adam (equality of human value) as well as the humanist values inspired by the ideological founding principles  included in this takanon. These values – such as equality, tikkun olam, democracy, social justice, collectivism – are not mere perspectives: they stand as an entire way of life based on the principles of chalutziut


Our Values

The ideology below is split under different heading for clarity, but these headings are not separate ideologies, what is written below is one ideology with each part integral to the next. Each and every chaver/a embodies the spirit of Habonim Dror based on their experience and values gained in the movement. What is written below is an attempt to represent the spirit in words.

Habonim Dror stands up for Cultural Judaism, a holistic approach which conceives Judaism as a culture comprising religion and nationality as intertwined entities. Further to Habonim Dror’s conception of Judaism, we devised a Jewish education process based on cultural activities which profit from secular and religious sources and literature.

In Habonim Dror’s view, Judaism comprises Jewish wisdom, history and tradition, as well an array of moral values of the Jewish people. Our Movement acknowledges its duties to the Jewish community in Israel and the communities in each Ken where it is present, and is in constant pursuance of its two goals: strengthening the principles of Judaism and ensuring the continuity of the Jewish tradition.


What We’re Doing

  • Sayeret Chinuch (13)

    The Sayeret Chinuch Sailed

    On Tuesday, the first meeting of the Sayeret Chinuch was held in Beit Leonardo (Main Offices of the Tnua Kibbutzit) with the visit of the former Knesset Member and journalist correspondent in the US, Nitzan Horowitz.

  • HDBE Memory March

    Memory March in Belgium

    This week we held a joint march of all the youth movements in Belgium in memory of the Belgian Holocaust victims and the Jewish underground who blew up the railway and thus delayed the deportation of the Jews to Auschwitz. Every year in Belgium, the Belgian Holocaust Day is commemorated in a state ceremony with […]

  • Seminar Machon Identity

    Building Identity: Our Tnua Identity Seminar

    This week, a seminar on the subject of identity was held for chanichim towards the beginning of the Machon for Madrichei Chul. 150 chanichim of Habonim Dror, Hechalutz Lamerjav and Hanoar Hatzioni enjoyed activities and content which connects the youth movements and the Kibbutz Movement. Over the next four months they will join the Machon, […]

  • 2

    Jewish Peoplehood Seminar

    On August 24 we held a fascinating seminar on the subject of Jewish Peoplehood and the Hebrew Language, in cooperation with the Kibbutz Movement, Oranim College, and the Education Department of the World Zionist Organization. Nearly 50 participants attended: Ulpan directors, madrichim, educators and new shlichim. It was truly enriching!!! Written by Shiri Madar Executive […]

  • HDBR 3

    Building connections between communities

    At the end of last week, 25-27/8, a seminar on Jewish education and identity was held for communities in the north and northeast of Brazil. The seminar, for the fifth consecutive year, is an initiative of the Jewish Agency together with CONIB, the Jewish Confederation of Brazil, and Habonim Dror Brazil. The meeting was held this […]

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