About Us

Habonim-Dror is a Socialist-Zionist Jewish youth movement, formed by the 1982 merger of Habonim and Dror youth movements. Habonim was founded in 1929 in London, England by Wellesley Aron, together with Chaim Lipshitz and Norman Lourie. Dror was formed by the unification of several zionist youth movements in Poland in 1915.

Today, Habonim Dror exists in fifteen countries worldwide, and has it's central office in Israel. The movement organizes a wide variety of activities in Israel and the Diasporah, ranging from educational camps and 'ken'-activities to fundraising and outdoor activities, and holds on strongly to the youth movement ideal of of the youth, for the youth and by the youth.

Habonim Dror takes responsibility over the Jewish people by education and action and strifes towards a just society in Israel. It is aligned with the United Kibbutz Movement, which recently merged with the Kibbutz Artzi Federation.