Habonim Dror is a Socialist-Zionist Jewish Youth Movement which, as an integral part of the Israeli Kibbutz Movement, undertakes the mission of taking responsibility before the Jewish people, the Israeli society and the whole world. The founding principle of this movement is that young people educate their peers and that, in working together, they create an organized framework for ideological and educational purposes.
Habonim Dror is a unique and particular movement which has laid a common ground (Judaism, socialism and Zionism) in the 18 countries where it is present nowadays: Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Mexico, United States, Canada, England, Scotland, Israel, Australia, New Zealand, Holland, Hungary, Germany, France, Belgium, Turkey and South Africa. The movement incorporates the characteristics which are specific to each of these countries but it is still homogenous. We are not a “confederation of movements,” but International Movement.

Our Tnua serves as guidance for the Jewish youth on the basis of humanist values inspired by the ideological founding principles included in this takanon. These values – such as equality, tikkun olam, democracy, social justice, collectivism - are not mere perspectives: they stand as an entire way of life based on the principles of chalutziut.
The ideology below is split under different heading for clarity, but these headings are not separate ideologies, what is written below is one ideology with each part integral to the next. Each and every chaver/a embodies the spirit of Habonim Dror based on their experience and values gained in the movement. What is written below is an attempt to represent the spirit in words.

Habonim Dror stands up for Cultural Judaism, a holistic approach which conceives Judaism as a culture comprising religion and nationality as intertwined entities. Further to Habonim Dror's conception of Judaism, we devised a Jewish education process based on cultural activities which profit from secular and religious sources and literature.
In Habonim Dror's view, Judaism comprises Jewish wisdom, history and tradition, as well an array of moral values of the Jewish people. Our Movement acknowledges its duties to the Jewish community in Israel and the communities in each Ken where it is present, and is in constant pursuance of its two goals: strengthening the principles of Judaism and ensuring the continuity of the Jewish tradition.

We are Zionists because we believe that, as a people, we have the right to a nation of our own, and that Israel is the homeland to the Jewish people. Our Movement seeks to develop a society based on equality and democracy within a socialist framework in Israel. Therefore, we see alia chalutzit —the activist branch of alia — as the highest expression of the Zionist idea.
Habonim Dror is involved in Jewish-Zionist education, both in Israel and in the Diaspora, and is committed to develop Jewish Identity and to create the understanding that Israel is the centre of the Jewish World. It also seeks to encourage the various expressions of Israeli culture, thus contributing to develop, in our chaverim, a deep care and responsibility to the country, while strengthening all the above goals.
We also believe in the universal right to a homeland and this conviction translates into our actively support of the right of the Palestinian people to a state of their own.

We advocate the principles of socialism because we believe that there is another way to reach our human aspirations for freedom, justice and equality. As an educational movement we believe in a humanistic education that forms people who are respectful, critical, love others, who understand the value of human worth and feel responsible for the society in which they live.
Habonim Dror believes in the Labour Zionist ideals that shaped the kibutzim, whether rural or urban, which are based on socialist principles; and so educates their chaverim to live in communities where those kvutzati values are upheld.
We also believe that the values listed below are at the core of the socialist cultural fulfillment: social justice, democracy, communal responsibility, humanism, equality, individual and group activism, freedom and environmental protection.
We educate our Chaverim to be active in order to seek political and social transformation of society in which they live.As for the realization of our socialist objectives, social intervention must be an integral part of life for our chanichim and madrichim, inside and outside the movement, both in Israel and the Galut.

Habonim Dror sees Hagshama Atzmit as the personal fulfillment process which leads individuals to achieve all the goals of the Movement and through which the chaver materializes the vision underpinning the ideas of the Habonim Dror Movement.
Habonim Dror encourages each chaver to face life inspired by the ideals upheld by the movement. Hagshama is not a final goal, but an ongoing process. Therefore, those who lead their lives consciously, in pursuit of their values and the values of the movement, and work to change the world according to their beliefs are participating in the Hagshama process.
Finally, the Movement believes that Alia Chalutzit i.e., in Israel, leading an active life to improve society, working to keep a significant Jewish identity, be social engaged living within a socialist framework based on the values described in this document, is the purest expression of Hagshama.

Taken from the summary of decisions made on june 10th 2010, on the 7th Veida Olamit