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A blog by Julian about the meaning of a global Zionist youth movement these days >>> 
A study conducted by professor Steve Cohen brought the impact of Habonim Dror Alumni on their community. Read here >>>
This report was written by Julian after a visit to South Africa in January February. We would love your thoughts on what he wrote >>>  
From our Mazkir: 
As someone who knows the Habonim Dror community in both North America and in a number of other countries around the Jewish world, I am not at all surprised at the results of Professor Steven Cohen's study. Not surprised and at the same time immensely proud.
As a graduate of what all of us alumni affectionately will always call "the movement", I have all the anecdotal evidence I could want about just how much Habonim Dror has contributes to the intellectual and emotional development of its members, just how many of us learned the lessons of taking responsibility and taking action in areas we cared about.
As a previous Central Shaliach of Habonim Dror North America and currently as the Mazkir of World Habonim, I can only wish for our present Chaverim to make the same contribution to Israel and the Jewish People as so many of our Alumni have made in years past. I am confident that given the means to make this happen we in World Habonim via our office in Israel, the Shnat programs we run and crucially the shlichim we provide, will keep our Movement in the forefront of the great endeavor of the Jewish People in the modern era.
Alu Vehagshimu,
Julian Renick
Mazkir Habonim Dror Olami