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Talking To Bad People


     Last week, The Forward published a fascinating interview of Abu Marzook, one of Hamas' leaders in exile. I wrote a bit about it.
     I had something else to say about it, but I decided to save it for today because it involves a story that's not directly related. Also last week, I called up the Lehi Museum, which commemorates the pre-state paramilitary group and terrorist organization Lehi (Lochmei Herut Yisrael, Fighters for the Freedom of Israel). At the suggestion of a fellow staff member, I asked if they knew anyone who could come speak to our students about their time in Lehi.
     It then occurred to us that it's a little fucked up. This guy was a terrorist, and we're asking him to come tell us all about it? He was at the Deit Yassin Massacre and we want him to come talk with students?
     The Forward published an article talking with a terrorist (Abu Marzook). I guess we just need to figure out if Boneh is going to be a program where we talk to a terrorist. My instinct with The Forward was that this article was historic and cool... maybe it's because of the students that I feel a bit differently here. On the other hand, they're adults, they deserve to hear the crazy shit this guy is going to say. Right?
     Okay this is my conclusion: We should definitely be talking to bad people sometimes.