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We work throughout the world through our Israeli “Shlichim” (emissaries) to convey our Jewish Zionist ideas and ideology to Jewish youth in Jewish communities abroad.

Our immigrants, alumni of Habonim Dror, live around the country, from North to South; along Zionist History, they have been among the Founders of the State and Kibbutzim.

As Habonim Dror is a “pioneering” Youth Movement that strives to educate its members to personal fulfillment, it encourages and supports its members to the idea of Aliyah. 
The website contains information for New Immigrants (“Olim Chadashim”) to Israel, and also for people who are considering immigrating to the State of Israel.

A broad and detailed range of information about Aliyah can be found in this website, (in four (4) languages; Hebrew, English, French and Spanish): from the first steps in Israel as an Oleh Chadash (New Immigrant): Immigrants’ rights and various entitlements, 
to Social Security issues, car insurance, health insurance and service in the IDF. 
The information was taken from various official sites of Israeli authorities who deal with Immigration to Israel.

The decision to immigrate to Israel is a very significant one, and needs a lot of preparation, thought and deliberation.
It is therefore that we hope that our site can assist in this process and answer most of the questions that come up during the process, so that a well thought out and suitable decision can be made.
We will be happy to answer any and all questions and assist in any way in order to help in the process of making Aliyah.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at: If after visiting the site there are still questions and unclear matters, we will be happy to assist!

It is very important to us to keep in contact with our alumni, please let us know before your actual Aliyah, so that we can offer our assistance and support. 

Aleh VeHegshem!!

Law of return

The Knesset (Parliament) of the State of Israel passed a law in 1950, starting with the following words:
“Every Jew is entitled to make Aliyah to Israel”. 
Since then the law is known as the Law of return, giving all Jews of the world the opportunity and right to be a citizen of the State of Israel.

Over the years amendments and changes were made in the Law of Return, ensuring that non-Jewish children of Jewish parents will have the same rights and can receive Israeli citizenship. This means that the State of Israel has become a safe haven for all people with Jewish roots.

Overview of Aliyah Process

Mazal Tov! You have decided to make Aliyah to Israel….but what to do now??? Download the documents below that will assist you with your first steps in Israel. It also includes “Guide for an Oleh Chadash”. Besides an “Oleh Chadash”, there are a number of different definitions for people making Aliyah, each with its own rights and entitlements. In this guide you can find information about all different definitions.

Aliyah Benefits

If your status is an New Immigrant (Oleh Chadash), Returning Minor, Returning Citizen or another definition of an immigrant to Israel, you are entitled to a wide range of benefits from different Governmental offices. Here you can find a list of all benefits and rights that you are entitled to.

Initial Absorption

In order to get through the process of your initial absorption in Israel as smoothly as possible, you need to arrange a series of important procedures. These range from opening a bank account to requesting economic assistance from the Ministry of Housing, to obtaining an Israeli driver’s license and receiving recognition of academic degrees, and more.
For your convenience, you will find here a list of all arrangements necessary for a smooth initial absorption.

Learning Hebrew

Hebrew is the national language of the Jewish People and one of the official languages of the State of Israel.
In order for you to learn the language easily and fast, you are entitled to participate in an “Ulpan” (Intense Hebrew Course for Immigrants) either for free or for only a symbolic fee.

Immigrant students

Many New Immigrants choose to study in Israel, as there are many leading Universities and Academies in Israel, in many fields of interest.
How to register??…How do you choose a University?….Whom to talk to about scholarships and benefits?….

Please find here the link to information about the leading Universities and Academies in Israel:


Service in the IDF plays an important role in Israeli Society. As a New Immigrant (if you are over 19 years of age at the time of your Aliyah), your compulsory IDF service will be shorter than the general Israeli service.
Additionally, you are entitled to a variety of benefits and assistance during your service in the IDF.

Health and services in Israel

The Israeli health-care system comprises of a relatively small amount of large organizations that provide health care. The system mainly consists of public health-care organizations, based on membership fees and governmental funds.
The Israeli health-care system has accomplished much over the years, both in research and practical medicine, in public health and in accessibility for the public.

Social Security

The National Social Security’s main goal is to protect and assist Israeli citizens on a economic level. It is able to protect and assist on several different levels in different situations.
As a New Immigrant (or as a Returning Minor, or Returning Citizen), you are exempt of payments to the National Social Security for 12 months from the date of Aliyah.

A guide to Bituach Leumi >>> (pdf)

General Information

Below you will find general information about life in Israel, such as how to deal with insurance, how to buy an apartment and information about the religious/cultural life cycle in Israel.

Buying an apartment >>> (doc)
Insuring your house >>>(doc)
Insuring your car >>> (doc)
Life cycle in Israel >>> (pdf)

We're here to help you! For any question or wonder contact our Rakaz Aliyah

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