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Habonim Dror is a non-profit organization. Many of the activities we carry out are possible thanks to the generous donations from individuals and institutions. At the same time, all our activities are made possible also thanks to volunteers who help us in various aspects.

The legacy of the proverb “Kol Bnei Israel Arevim Ze Laze” is a central value within Habonim Dror and it’s not limited only to the commitment we assume as Tnua to the environment of our community and society. This value also extends to our attempt to help, for example, Javerim who made Aliyah in their first steps in Israel, helping Lone Soldiers, cooperations with institutions to help people in need, and much more. We try to be a link between who needs help and who can give him that help, so there are many ways to help and we are always open to finding a new way.

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